Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

One of my favourite natural remedies for hair (and skin) is Jojoba Oil. If you haven't tried it yet I suggest you do, or find products that contain jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax produced by the seed of the Jojoba plant, a shrub that is native to Arizona, California and Mexico. It's similar to the scalp's sebum and can be used on any hair type. It protects drom moisture loss and improved the condition of damaged hair.

To find out more about Jojoba Oil just use your trusted serach engine Google!

I use this oil to seal in moiture after washing and conditioning my hair. I also use it on itchy scalp, and when I flat iron I sometimes use it on the hair before I start flatironing to protect the hair (I'm note sure if this a good use for it, but everytime I was my hair after having it flat ironed for a while it is very soft thanks to the Jojoba oil).

Unfortunetly Jojoba oil is quite pricy in Sweden, 100ml can cost around 200SEK in health food stores. You might be able to find it cheaper online, but with shipping it usually more or less evens out. And 100ml don't go a long way unless you mix it with something else, usually Shea Butter.

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