A shout out to my Ugandan family!

Okay, I know this has very little to do with hair (depends on how you see it), but I just have to post something about this man; Maurice Kirya! He's a Ugandan singer who I discovered by accident a while back. And since I have a Ugandan family I want to take this time to say HEEEY to them as well!

Not only is this man very beautiful and sings well, he has a natural head of hair! He wears it in a very care free afro style which suits him well.
I'm hoping he will be touring around Scandinavia some time soon!

And no, I don't understand Lugnada, but the music is great regardless. :) If you ask me (I know you didn't, but I'm still going to say it) he should always sing in Luganda, his songs in Luganda are much better than his English ones, they have more feeling. Sing for me Maurice, sing!

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