Zahara Mkutukane

I was looking through Cinder & Skylark which is a style blog from Cape Town, South Africa that I view sporadically (whenever I need a dose of the CT streets). And one of the people they had taken a pic of stated Zahara - Ndiza as her music love, so since this was a new name to me I had to check it out!

Zahara Mkutukane is a newly popular artist from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She is a 23 years old singer songwriter and poet. Her debut album "Loliwe" went platinum 13 days after its release date!! She sings in both Xhosa and English.

I just fell in love with her sound (and yes, she's on Spotify!). And since this is a hair blog; yay, she's a naturalista! She makes a simple scarf look good. And I love her choice of big earrings.
Hope to see her perform in Sweden someday soon!!

This is her debut single Loliwe.

Rockin' an orange scarf.

Zahara and her guitar, a perfect match. 

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