My Do: Inspired by Aja Monet

For the last two days I've been wearing this hair do inspired by poet Aja Monet (the YouTube clip).

This is a great hair do if you want to keep it simple! This is one of those dos you can pull off half awake at 05:30 before work if you have mastered it. :) I'm not sure if it constetutes as a flattwist, cause it's not a two strand twist.
All you need for this do is:

As always you want to start on clean hair. I did this style on fourth day hair. I've been wearing my hair out all week so I felt like I wanted it out of my face.

All you do is to choose where to separate the hair, pin one side back. Comb the side that you are gonne twist through, add gel and then tuck/twist hair under around to the other side. Since my hair isn't long like Aja's I choose a side bun instead if a braid.
From the front
Wrapped all around the head
Into a side bun

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