Charlie's Angels

This is something I've wanted to blog about for weeks, but I haven't had the peace to do it.
Charlie's Angels TV show

Walking down the street somewhere in Manhattan I saw this poster! I smiled to myself, and thought I love NY (not that the show has to do with NY, but still). As we walked further I saw it again, pointed and said to my friend, Look she has curly hair! my friend looked at me in confusion and we continued our day. But there she was, a dark skinned curly haired Charlie's Angel, yay :)

We'll see how the show does in the US and if it'll come to Sweden only time will tell... Playing the part of Kate Prince is actress 28 year old Annie Ngasi Ilonzeh (love her name!), she's stared in TV shows and movies before, amongst them General Hospital.

Talk about curl definition.


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