My do: Cornrows and two strand twists

So after wearing my hair out as much as I possibly could this summer I found myself cought in the rain! Fall in Sweden :( This is my least favourite time of year, for many reasons, but mostly 'cause I know the cold weather is only going to get colder, and the warm weather won't be back for six months, atleast :(

Wearing my hair out in fall doesn't work very well. The biking everywhere being exposed to wind and rain leaves my hair... frizzy, funky, fult (Swedish for ugly!) So yesterday after washing my hair I decided it was time to embrace the change in weather and start doing some more up dos. 'Cause I'm going to be wearing hats and scarfs a lot, and they make my hair dry, unpredictble and frizzy. And quite honestly I always have a hard time finding a hat that fits my head when my hair is out! (Am I the only one?)

So I did a cornrow and two strand twist hair do. I've never done exactly this hair do before, and it's not really inspired by anything, it was more of an idea that didn't quite turn out as I wanted...

Before you do any updo that you want to keep for a few days or longer I suggest you always start with a clean head of hair; cleanse, condition (deep condition if needed), leave in conditioner and a oil if needed to lock in moisture. I like to work on my hair when it's damp, I just think it's easier and it doesn't cause as much frizz. But I know a lot of curlies like to work on their hair when it's dry. Try both and see whatever works best for you and your hair!

For this style I used: A spray bottle with water, Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Curl Junkie Curl Queen, a rat tail comb, a wide tooth comb, clips and bobby pins. 

I started by damping my hair with the spray bottle. I didn't really need to detangle, since I'd washed and detangled my hair in the shower that morning. I just combed through with the wide tooth comb to get rid of any tangles. I decided to cornrow about one third of my hair, and put the rest up in a bun.

Then I used the rat tail comb to part it for the cornrows. As you see in the pictures the back didn't turn out too good. I don't have a mirror where I can see my back, so I always have to freedtyle and feel my way through in the back.

For the cornrows I used the Curling Custard, since it has strong hold. I usually don't use gel when I cornrow, but this time I decided to try, and I think it turned out well.

I use the clips to get rid off the hair I'm not working on, since I can't see for most of the braid, I want to make sure that only the hair that should go intoe the braid is loose.

I braided the cornrows all the way to the ends. To make sure they wouldn't upen I twisted the ends around my finger (that usually is enough for my hair, if you have looser curls you might need a rubber band to keep the braids from opening)

Tip! Make sure there are no knots in the section you want to braid. I usually comb through the section with the rat tail comb to get rid of any small knots that might be there. This makes it much more efficient when braiding. 

Then I took out the rest of my hair, sprayed it and combed through it with the wide tooth comb. And then starting at the back by my neck I took small sections (and pinned the rest of the hair up), added a little Curl Queen to each section and did two strand twists. I did the twists over all the rest of my hair. To keep the ends from opening I did the same as with the braids, I twisted it around my finger. 

In the pic above I pinned it with bobby pins, 'cause I didn't like how it looked hanging loose. 

Then I decided I didn't like that look either, so I did a loose cornrow type braid from the front to the back with my twsits, making the ends into a little bun at my neck. It's hard to see in the picture, but it turned out nice.

If you don't know how to cornrow or do two strand twist I suggest you do a search on YouTube! There are plenty of how to videos/tutorials!

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