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Here is a list of my personal favorites when it comes to hair care products. More will be added as I find them.

Don't forget that everyone has different hair type, texture and opinions of what they want products to do for their hair. This list is based on my hair type, texture and my personal goals of how I want my hair to feel and look like.
To find the most suitable products for your hair I suggest you do some research! Google, YouTube and various other sources can be used to find the products you are looking for. Make sure to read reviews and list of ingredients, know what you are looking for and what you are buying!

(Note that I have no list of schampoos since most curly product lines don't use schampoos, they have cleansers, and I avoid schampoos - containing sulfates - since they strip the hair of moisture.)

  • Kinky Curly Come Clean: Removes product build up, cleanses the hair without stripping it of moisture. With organic products!

(Rinse out and leave-in)
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today: This rinse out our leave in conditioner leaves the hair nice and soft. Contains organic products!
  • Aubrey Organics White Camilla Ultra-Soothing Conditioner: Good rinse out conditioner with organic products. Read the review




  • Kinky Curly Curling Custard: This is a thick gel that I use when I want extra hold when styling. Works well with Knot Today as a leave in conditioner.


  • Afrocenchix Seal: This is my go to product when I have my hair in an updo and my scalp is exposed which causes it to itch like crazy. This oil mixture eliminates the itch and keeps my scalp happy. Read the reivew!
  • Avocado Oil: This is one of my favorite oils for hair and skin. It's less thick than Olive Oil and it has a lot of vitamin E which both hair and skin love.
  • Shea Butter: This is another one of the favorites of most naturals, it is great for moisturizing your hair and skin. You can buy it refined or in different products.
  • Jojoba Oil: A great and light weight oil that helps the skins reproduce its own 

  • Water Spray Bottle: I can't do my hair without moisture. Most curlies can't. This is my trusted friend. I actually have two, one with plain water and one with a mixture of leave in & water. I use it daily to refresh my hair.  
  • Bobby Pins: If you have read a few posts in my blog you will have picked up that I have a love for Bobby Pins. They are great for up dos, any tyoe of styling, and just to tuck hair away that is not doing what you want it to do. 
  • Wide Tooth Comb: I own a few different ones as well. All mine are plastic and vary a bit in the space between the teeth of the comb. I use my wide tooth combs to detangle in the shower sometimes (after applying conditioner), to do different styles and I do use them for parting the hair even though the rat tail is better suited for that. 
  • Rat Tail Comb: Great for parting the hair when doing cornrows or other styles. (I never comb my hair with this comb, the teeth are two close together and it would just get stuck in my hair)

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If you know of retail locations for these products in Sweden be sure to contact me at hairofheritage@gmail.com
Thank you!

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