Braided Extensions On Small Children

Today I saw a little girl, around 1,5-2 years with braided extensions. Her mother was of African descent, and I'm guessing the little girl had a father of European descent by her skin color. She was adorable, running around, care free, like toddlers do. But I couldn't help to get stuck on her hair. Why would you put braid extensions in your small child's hair? If I had a HoH business card with me I would have handed her one, but today I didn't.

There was a lot of debate in the natural hair online community a few months back when picture's of Angelina Jolie's daughter Zahara surfaced with the seven year old wearing braided extensions in her hair. Now I'm not big on celebrity gossip, and I think every mother makes the choices she thinks are best for her child. At least it wasn't a relaxer. If it was a relaxer you would have heard me go on about it. But, why put extensions in a small child's hair? I don't get it! I think, and it may not be true at all, that it comes from a place of ignorance. Maybe these mothers just don't know how to care for their child's hair. Or maybe they just think that extensions is good hair care. I don't know! Either way I don't feel completely ok with it. I wouldn't put extensions or a relaxer or color or anything of the sort in my young child's hair, and that's my personal preference. But that's just me, what do you all think?

On a side note: Right after I saw the girl with extensions I saw a mom with her beautiful little girl in a stroller and this girl had a huge afro! The mom had extensions, but the baby's hair was wild and free. I would have complimented her, but I was having a serious conversation with my own mom on the phone at the time. Next time I see her I'm going to shower her with compliments. :) So cute!!

Love this pic, she's the cutest!

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