Detangling your child's hair

The reason why I started this blog was for all the curly kids that have parents who don't know how to care for their hair. I was that kid, nobody knew how to care for my curls, which left me with bad hair for years and years (I still cringe when I see some of the pictures). And learning how to treat my hair hasn't been the easiest since most people where I was growing up (Sweden) don't have curly hair and don't know anything about it. So I want to lend a hand to all the parents through this blog. So I've spent some time on YouTube (one of the best sources of knowledge on hair care if you ask me) and found some useful clips for the parents!

When it comes to caring for curls detangling is one of they keys. Since curly hair is next to impossible (depending on your curl pattern) to detangle dry make sure you wet the hair, add conditioner, use a (wide tooth) comb, and do it in sections, starting at the ends working your way up toward the scalp.

I really like how they show now only the parents how to detangle their child's hair, but also the child herself. The better your child understands how to care for his or her hair early on the easier it will be for them growing up.

This second video breaks it down in steps that are very easy to follow. It tells you bascially all you need to know in order to detangle your child's hair.

Detangling can be done before the hair is being washed or during, try both to find which way works best for you and your child. Like GirlsLoveYouCurls  says in her video, make it to a fun event, detangling doesn't have to be torture (though I thought it was growing up, but hey, my mom didn't know better). 

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