Choosing good products for your child's hair

Choosing good products for your child's hair is key in order for them to have healthy and healthy looking hair. This is key for any naturalista. 'Cause when you find products that work for your child's hair you will notice caring for the hair will be so much easier (and more fun!). So start reading the labels! I know, it might seem like a crazy amount of things is in the products that you have no idea of what they are or what they do so my best tip is; When in doubt Google it!
At first you might have to google every single ingredient, that's okay! Before you know it you will know that Simmondisa Chinesis is Jojoba oil without thinking, trust me!

A few tips when shopping for products:
- Keep it simple! I find that the fewer ingrediets the more natural the product usually is (not always true, but still).
- The first five: The first five products are usually the ones that there is most of in a product, so start looking at these and ask yourself if they are what you are looking for.
-  Know what to stay away from: Avoid Parabens, Pthalates, Paraffin, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Sulfates (except sodium laureth sulfate, that's a good one!).
- Water: If you are looking for moisture water is a good ingredient to have in the top five of your list of ingredients.
- Organic: If you love your child and the invoirment organic might be your choice. I'm not going to lie, not all the products I buy are organic, but most of my favourite ones are. And I always try to by my oils and my shea butter organic if possible.  
- A few can go a long way: Don't get discouraged by all the different products, ideas, suggestions and so on and so forth on what's good an what's not. Start with one thing, if it doesn't work try something else! Everybody's hair is different, you have to figure out what works for your child's hair and this might take some time.
- Have fun! Last but not least, hair is fun! Make shopping for hair products fun, make doing your child's hair fun. If it's causing you stress, don't do it! Life's to short, and whenever you are ready you or your child will take the time to find the products that work.

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