Hair Crush: V Bozeman

Every year I say I'm going to shave my head... one day. That day hasn't come yet.
First I was going to do it when I became pregnant, but then I became pregnant and didn't feel up for it. Then I was going to do it after my BC two years ago, but then I was too scared. One day I won't be scared :) And until then I will marvel with envy at all the beautiful bald women out there.

A few weeks ago I stumbled on to this song. Not only does V Bozeman have an amazing voice, and body (respect to any woman who dares to go bald and then take her clothes off unfront of a camera!) she also looks amazing without a single strand on her head! Yes, she's beautiful. Does it still count as a hair crush if there's no hair involved? :)

This is a love song! 

Timothy Bloom & V Bozeman

V Bozeman carrying her bald head with pride

Isn't this just a beautiful shot?

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