Back in Sweden

So after four weeks in NY with sunshine and rain, humidity for days (I love heat and humidity, I was TOTALLY born in the wrong part of the world) I'm back in Sweden. Bittersweet as always. Nice to be back in my own space and all that. And even though the sun has been showing it's wonderful face since we got here, there's no denying it's October and this is the beginning of the worst time of the year (according to me) in Sweden.

The Swedish Flag
Fall is beautiful, no doubt. But I can't stand all the layers of clothes, the constant freezing and the darkness. So I'm trying to prepare myself for the next six months... and since it's almost time to wear hats again I need to find some cute protective styles, 'cause you know big hair and hats is somewhat of a hard combo (if the hat is there to keep you warm, not just as a cute accessory) and it's instant frizz for me if I even try. 
What I am looking forward to though is trying all my newly purchased products and trying some new hair do's.

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