Natural Men

Beware, some serious eye candy in the post! :)

If you look at the blog world there are countless natural hair blogs out there. Mostly from the US and the UK, but from the rest of the world as well. But, I'm yet to come across a natural hair blog for men. This got me thinking... Don't men face the same issues as the women in regards to natural hair? Of course the frequency of men with relaxes is way, way less than for women. But, there are still the same issues of paintaining healthy hair. Most men with curly hari/African heritage seem to have either of these hair styles:
Bald - like Tyrese
Micro afro - like Jesse Williams
Afro - like Lenny Kravitz
(Dread) locs - like Tarrus Riley

Of course there are other styles, but these are the ones I most frequently see. And of course I have my favorites :)
My question is how these men choose their hair styles and how they care for them? This is something I'm curious about. Also it would aid all the parents that have boys to care for their son's hair beyond shaving it all off.

Now if the gorgeous men above aren't enough here's a little "slide show". Ladies; Enjoy ;) 

And of course, this subject isn't complete without a throwback. Who can forget this song? :)

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