Mama Africa

Recently there was a documentary shown on Swedish TV about Miriam Makeba called Mama Africa. This was a beautiful tribute to the late, great Miriam Makeba, and also a historical spotlight on the past for African and Afro-American people.

Miriam Makeba was a South African singer and a civil-rights activist. She was forced to leave South Africa and move  to the US in exile. If you want to know more about her google her or Wikipedia.
I grew up listening to Miriam Makeba on my father's vinyl player as well as his cassette deck. And a lot of the South African singer I love listening to today have been influenced by this amazing woman.

Miriam Makeba wore her hair in different ways, of course. Here are some of the pictures of her. From TWA to head wrap. She looked beautiful in everything she wore.
This is my little tribute to Miriam Makeba, and amazing woman in so many ways.

Traditional Zulu head wear
In the beginning of her career; TWA.
This is my personal fav :)

If you are in Sweden you can watch the documentary on STV Play until Nov 21st. 
No one sings Malaika like Miriam Makeba.

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