Barbie Make Overs

The other day I was updating myself on the different hair blogs I follow off and on and I found something really exciting on Beads Braids and Beyond. She had made the hair of a dark skinned, straight haired Barbie curly. I was so excited about the idea and just had to try it. Luckily my daughter was up for the idea, and hurried to choose two of her Barbies. I might add that I think all her Barbies are light skinned, and most of them are blond with blue eyes AND I haven't bought them for her. The ones I picked up in NY are going to be a Christmas gift later this year.

So we did one, my daughter names this doll Jade after my friend. So we did Jade according to the direction I found on the Beads Braids and Beyond, they can be found here . And this is how Jade's make over turned out:

Before ----------- After 
I did trim off the straight ends a little, I had to do it when my daughter wasn't watching otherwise she might take the scissors to all her Barbie's hairs... and if worst come to worst her own hair! So Jade still has a few straight ends, but I think the result turned out pretty good. And my daughter loves it!

The next doll we did was a blond princess that I think goes under the name Melissa or Matilda. Instead of doing another long sitting with pipe cleaners (Jade's hair took a long time, so be sure to have time if you're taking this on!) I braided Barbie M's hair and did the same thing: Dipped her head in boiling water for a ten count and then let it sit over night. These are the results:

Before ------ During ----- After
I really liked this idea, it was fun, my daughter enjoyed it. And it's great for giving the curly kids some dolls that look a bit more like than, showing them there's diversity in beauty.

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