Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sthlm Loves Curls

Yesterday we had the first ever Sthlm Loves Curls event in Stockholm, Sweden. The event was hosted by Yaya (NeoRoots), Lydia (Nappy & Kinky) & me (Nandi) at the Jamaican restaurant Jamrock in central Stockholm. Around 30 beautiful women and a man attended. Together we enjoyed great food, nice conversation and goodie bags. We also had a sponsored prizes for three giveaways.
Considering that this was the first event of it's kind in Sweden the turn out was amazing! We filled up the spaces in a few hours after announcing the event, and unfortunately not everyone on the waiting list got a spot. 
The goodie bags: each attendee left with one
More goodie bag goodness
What was amazing was the positive vibe and the conversations that took place. There were naturalistas - new and old, transitioners, wig and weave wearers as well as relaxed ladies considering going natural. It was lovely to see that everyone felt welcome and was there to share their knowledge and learn from each other. 

All and all 30 attendees filled the restaurant
Ready to order the food
Hopefully this event is the first of many Swedish events! So happy to see team natural Sweden finally coming together and growing as a community! 

Thank you Jamrock for having us
and thank you to everyone who came out and made the event a great success!

Don't forget to tag pictures from the event with #sthlmlovescurls ;)
Thank You to our great sponsors!! 

Re-Post: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

This post was originally published in May 2012. 

It's time again for a curly hair beauty form Sweden! Yay! Sabrine and I have not known each other for very long, but it turns out she's just a little hair obsessed too, imagine my joy! She has amazing hair, like I want to touch her hair; amazing! (No I haven't reached out and touched it, I know better!) 
And for my Twitter followers, this is the girl who got her comb stuck in her hair, lol; we've all been there! She did manage to get it out the next day though, with some spray conditioner and patience. Thank God, I was worried she'd cut her curls! 

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural? 
yes I have relaxed my hair MANY times when I was younger unfortunately. Every three months I put in "the crack" in my hair and saw it slowly
get damaged. In my teens i had a large complex for my natural hair because I was often teased about it so I did everything possible to keep the straight hair ,until one day my dad told me that he didn`t liked that i put chemicals in my hair and that i should embrace the person god had created.
So i thought about what he said and realized that i shoudln`t deny who i am and that my hair was something beautiful. So i was around 16 years old when i decided to go natural. 

Which products do you use on your hair? And what's your hair routine (regimen)?

I wash my hair only once a week and over the years, still to this day I try my way with different products. Right now i use the Nashi Argan shampoo , conditioner and Goldwell mask and i LOVE IT!!! Makes my hair soft and keeps it moisturized. Curly activator i use Mixed chicks. 
You have to experiment with products to see what suits your hair and of course the rule nr 1!!! ALWAYS sleep with a scarf at night so u will not get the big knots or ruin the pretty curls. 

What's your favorite hair care product?

The Nashi argan series! 

What has (if any) been the biggest challenge when having curly hair? 

I guess it all the big knots you get. 

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair? 

I love when I have good "hair days" and when the curls are perfect. Best that it's naturalhair and you do not spend hours and money at the hairdresser to sew in extra hair. 

Did you have any curly role model growing up?
Hahahaha yeah I had!! Melanie B in Spice girls!!! I looooooooooooooooved her hair sooooo much!!

What's the weirdest question you ever received in regards to your curls? 

"Can I touch your hair???? please?!!!!"

Thank you for participating! 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway: Sheabutter Cottage

It's time for another anniversary giveaway! 
This one is sponsored by my go to webshop for Shea butter and oils Sheabutter Cottage

To enter this giveaway you have to like the Facebook page, if you haven't already, and leave a comment on the wall saying you want to be entered. This giveaway is open internationally. 
One winner will receive two handmade soaps and two scented candles.  

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the blog on May 1st. 
Good Luck! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Re-Post: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

This post was originally published in July 2013. 

Once again I've found another Swedish natural hair blogger, yay! Introducing the Black Hair Care blog:

Three words to describe your hair:
I would describe my hair as thick, black and beautiful haha! 

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural?
Yes! I was around 12 when I first relaxed my hair, but I remember how I always wanted to relax my hair when I was much younger but my mom would never let me. I thank her for that now.

I decided to go natural in January 2012. That's when I did the big chop! My hair was damaged and I just wanted to start a whole new journey with my hair. I realized that not only do I want length, I also wanted thick and healthy hair. So I've been natural for 1 year and 6 months now =)

Which products do you currently use on your hair?
Leave-in: Hydratherma natural daily growth
Conditioner: (Protein) Olive oil replenishing (Moisture) Aubrey organics or Mane n' tail (Moisture)
Detangling my hair: Tresemme natural conditioner
For my edges: Black jamaican castor oil
To seal in the moisture:  Almond oil 

What's your favorite hair product?
Wow, it's a very hard question haha! But I would say (raw 100%) shea butter and my leave-in from Hydratherma naturals, I love them! They are both good products. Sorry I can not pick one! =)

And I also prefer to use products that I have in my kitchen such as Shea butter, eggs, yogurt natural oils etc. I love to put these in my hair for deep hair conditioning treatments. 

Where do you shop for products?
Most of the products I like are not available in Sweden so I buy them from Ebay. Otherwise I buy from (Swedish site) or in an African shop called Peprah Cosmetics in Stockholm (Sweden).

What has been the biggest challenge (if any) when having curly hair?
At the moment I would say that it is hard to find different fitting hairstyles that I like and suit my face. Especially now when my hair is quite short... 

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
I absolutely LOVE my curls and the thickness of the hair. But I love all kinds of hair, relaxed, texlaxed or natural... as long as it's healthy.

How you describe having naturally curly hair in Sweden where most people have straight hair?
I would say that in Sweden people are very open to naturally curly hair. I even feel like people that don't have afro textured hair are the ones who love it more than black people. But lately I'm also seeing that more and more young people are embracing their natural hair which is great. I'm seeing a lot more naturalistas in town nowadays and it's really cool! =)

What's your favorite hair style/preferred way to wear your hair?
I love the twist outs for my hair. I would also like to try the bantu-knots 

Did you have any curly role models growing up? If yes, who?
It's kinda sad but I didn't. I preferred the straight kinda hair when I was younger. I was looking at the girls on the front of the relaxer hair boxes haha and I remember how I always thought their hair was like a dream.  So basically, when I get my own children I will try to buy barbies and dolls with natural hair =)

What's the weirdest question you have received in regards to your curls?
''WOW... can I touch your hair?'' Haha.. I know most people don't really mean anything by it but still.
Well, there are those type of people who as and add that fascinated look. So when they do that I always find myself doing the same. ''Yea, can I touch your hair too?! Wow'' Haha...

Check out the Black Hair Care blog (in Swedish)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

KayDeeKurls Online Shop

Adeola, the owner of a new online store based in Norway contacted me recently. A new online store, just what we Scandinavian naturals need, so I asked to interview her to get some insight in the store. 

Tell us about yourself!
Hei!!!! I am Adeola, a Nigerian.  I am a Christian and the wife to a wonderful husband and mother to the most adorable girl in the whole planet. I have been living in Norway for the past five years.The scenery in the country is something that always blows my mind away .

Why is natural hair important to you?
I wouldn't say just natural hair, hair is what I find very important, especially now that I know that it is possible for us coiled hair ladies to have long hair. For a long time I believed having long hair was solely genetic, that my hair was destined to be shoulder length. It never once crossed my mind to question why despite the fact that I always had undergrowth I was not seeing any gains in length.  I used to just comb my hair through and take pride in how despite the amount of hair I would lose through my combing sessions, my hair still remained very dense. Yup I was that silly. 

 Becoming a mother and taking care of my daughter's hair is what started me out on a hair journey. I was determined to do right by my daughter. A friend recommended a coconut mix  to help soften my daughter's hair. I went online to check up on it. My jaw dropped as I saw pictures and videos of long haired ladies of African descent. My life was changed from that moment. Now I stalk hair blogs and am subscribed to a lot of hair channels. What I have loved most about this process is how it has made me to be so independent in taking care of my hair. I have gotten to the point where I am even able to braid my hair. Also it is such a joy to see how simple things like washing my hair, deep conditioning and using oils cured me of my "monstrous sized dandruff".  

How did you decide to start an online store?
I have been on a mission to change the attitudes of the ladies around me towards their hair, I am almost like a hair commandant. I started out inviting my friends to my house and treating their hair with the stuff that I had. Some of them had daughters and they too were concerned with taking good care of their girls' hair. It made sense to begin to bring down these products especially since there was hardly anything of the sort in Norway just ole' regular grease. Another reason is that in the course of this journey I have become a certified product junkie, so yeah bringing in these products gives me easy access to feed my addiction :) 

Anything else we should know? 
Right now I am transitioning. My hair is dense even though it is relaxed, but those videos and pictures of thick and voluminous natural hair finally got to me. And now I want a piece of that.  

Where can we find you online?
You can find me on

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway: Jessicurl

To celebrate the blog turning 3 years old I wanted to give back to you, my wonderful readers. So we are lucky to have Jessicurl sponsor an awesome giveaway! To make things more fun I'm not going to reveal the prize, but two of you will win Jessicurl products. ;)

All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment and tell me the craziest comment you've received in regards to your hair. This giveaway is of course open internationally!

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on the blog on May 1st. 
Good Luck!