Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post Partum Hair

After I having my daughter I don't remember my hair going through a lot of changes, but this pregnancy has been a bit different. At first I really didn't see any changes in my hair during pregnancy, read my post about it here.

It's been more than four months since little man was born and there are two words that describe my hair during this time well: shed hair. Yes! Every detangling session I feel like I'm going to go bald! Large amounts of hair is coming out! I think the amount of shed hair during detangling has doubled. My hair feels thinner and I think it looks thinner too. It's nothing I'm really stressing about, it is to be expected. I can especially see it at my hair line, see the pic below. 
Thinning edges
I'm not planing on doing anything to combat this, as I'm pretty sure the hair will grow back eventually. If not I'll deal with it then. As of now I seem to be the only one who has noticed this, so I guess it's not as bad as it feels. 

Did you have excessive hair loss post pregnancy?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Do: Infinity Wrap Inspired by Naptural85

One of my favorite scarfs is an infinity scarf that I think I've owned for about four years. I've always worn it around my neck because I couldn't figure out how to tie it into a head wrap. 

Problem solved! Check out this video by Naptural85!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


If you live in Sweden the lack of stores that sell products for black hair is no news to you. I met Anni in April at Stockholm Loves Curls after having some email contact a few months prior. I knew I needed to found out more about her store so a interview was a given.
Please introduce yourself!
Hi my name is Anni Winnersj√∂ I’m 32 years old and I’m living in Haninge Sweden with my son Adrian (18 months) and my “hubby” Fredrik. I love entrepreneurship, cooking, singing and laughing. And of course I love my family and friends.

Tell us a little about Afrostore.se! (How long it's been around, why you first started, etc)
When I was younger, around 13-14 I started to get really interested in makeup and hair. That's when I realized that the combination of dark skin and Sweden did not go so well together. I spent years angry on the fact that I couldn’t get a hold of the products I wanted and needed. Finally I took matters in my own hands  and decided to start my own business both for myself and for others who also struggled finding the right products.

I started Afrostore.se in 2009 as a hobby or side project keeping my day time job. The business went larger and larger and I found myself in a situation where I was forced to decide whether to go all in on with Afrostore or close it and stay with my regular job. The time wasn’t there so I needed to pick one direction. Unfortunately I was a coward that time so my decision was to stick with my daytime job and close Afrostore (I still regret this). I closed the webshop in the end of 2010 but couldn’t stop thinking about it, my customers, the products, my future. In 2013 I made a life changing decision, I decided to quit my job, and to start Afrostore again, but this time go all in. I was so nervous opening the shop in December 2013, would any one find me again, and would they like to shop? Luckily it only took a couple of days for me to get my first order.

Which are your best sellers?
Right now the products that sells the best is most products from the brand SheaMoisture and Ecco (Ecostyler).

Are there any brands you would like to sell but don't at the moment?
Yes, oh there is so many brands I would like to sell and I’m constantly trying to listen to my customers wishes and needs, adding more and more brands to the store. One brand I’m hoping to add soon is Kinky Curly.  

Which is your favorite product and why?
I personally have many favorite products much depending on my goal at the time. Since I try to use products that are very natural and not containing ingredients like for example paraben and sulfate I really like the products from SheaMoisture. BUT the product I actually use the most right now is OKAY Jamaican black castor oil since I’m trying to add growth to my hair and castor oils is known for its growing benefits.

What is your goal for Afrostore.se?
I have many goals with Afrostore.se but one of them is of course to be able to supply all the great products that are out there (but unfortunately not in Sweden) to the Swedish market. I would like to see my company grow large and be the leading store in Sweden selling products for curly hair. I’m also hoping to be able to launch my own brand, but in what product area is a secret that I’m keeping for myself at the moment J

What's the most common comment you receive from customers?
I would say that the most common comment would be people asking for help with their dry or frizzy hair. They often are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and want defined curls and a healthy hair. They need help in figuring out what products to use and how to manage their hair the best way.

If you could only sell one brand which would it be and why?
Oh god I really don’t know, but since SheaMoisture is so popular among my customers I think that it would be the brand to sell.

Where can we find you online?

Thank you, Anni!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Organizing the Hair Stuff

Time and time again I've confessed to being a total product junkie. I decided it's time I organize my hair stuff better. I've been watching a lot of organization vids on YouTube lately and have gotten lots of ideas for different places in our home. So here's what I've done to make my hair care life a bit more easy.

All my bobby pins I've put in a small baby food jar. 

I used a glass to store my hair ties. Around the rim I placed some hair clips (don't really use these aluminum ones). 

This square container I got at Granit, it was a pack of three, can't rememberer the price though. I'm storing my clips in this one. 

This container I got from IKEA (in the kitchen section) for like 10SEK. I have three of them, one with hair pins and two with mixed things. 

All the hair products (yes, I have a lot!) are stored in another cabinet. They are not sorted in any perticular order really. 
As you can see I have one spray bottle for water and one for oil for my body. Need to get another better container for my oil though. 

How do you organize your hair things? Please leave organizing tips in the comments! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fishtail braid

My daughter has a strong will and is very opinionated when she wants to be. She came home with a fishtail braid one day, a style I've never tried. From then she's been telling me she wants a fishtail braid. Finally I said ok and headed over to my trusted friend YouTube to see if I could find a video to help me succeed. 

This pic is my first ever fishtail braid. Not bad for a first attempt ;) It was easier than I thought, if you can braid you can manage this, trust me! And it's a perfect hair style for both girls and women with medium to long hair. I think it would work best on stretched or blown out hair though, but I'm not sure. There are lots of videos on YouTube with fishtail braids, so just do a simple search if you want to see more styles, but this is the one I watched.