Curly hair more of a challenge?

Last year was the first time someone said to me "It must be so hard to have curly hair" and my reply was not "Yeah it sucks"! It's sad how it seem to be a general misconception that curly hair is more work than straight hair and less fun. But on the other hand having curly hair in a predominantly straight haired community makes having curly hair less fun. Not because of the hair, but because of the lack of understanding when it comes to curls and the lack of products on the market.

I have never went to a hair dresser to get a hair cut. Of course I've cut my hair, but never by a professional (except when I got my relaxer). My mom cut my hair growing up, and since my teens I've done it myself. It's been the lack of hair dressers that could handle my type of curls that made me choose to do it myself. My sister on the other hand went through right about every hair dresser in the middle sized town we grew up in. From "regular" hair dressers to the ones that specialized in "Afro" hair. Needless to say it turned out that no one really knew how to cut and color her hair. She was always disappointed. And that left her little sis sure that she did not want to spend money to let someone else mess up her hair. So, I choose to do it myself, from cutting to coloring.

So yeah, it has been a challenge to have my hair in Sweden. But now I can honestly say I wouldn't change my hair for anything in the world. So if you say that curly hair is difficult to me then I just say "It's a challenge to be natural in Sweden at times. But I love every single curl in my head!" :)

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