Dark skinned Barbies

Okay, so I went to Target to sock up on Kinky Curly before I return to Sweden and the void of curly hair products. Another thing I said I wanted to shop for here in NY was dark skinned barbies. Cause 1) they seem to be impossible to come across in Sweden. 2) Barbies are so expensive in Sweden. So while my friend was browsing the DVD section I found the toy section. Even though the light skinned blondes outnumbered the dark skinned barbies I was so excited to find a few and then picked these two.

They are both from the Barbie Basics line. The one with the straight hair is from the Collection 002, she's no 08. And the second one with the natural hair is from Collection Red, she's no 08 as well.

I just love them, will probably give them as gifts to my friend's daughter's or my own daughter for Christmas. My daughter has all blonde barbies, given to her by her grandmother on her father's side. I guess it's hard for her to understand that little brown skinned girls do need brown skinned dolls as well.

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