My Do: Inspired by FusionOfCultures

I love the way it looks from the top.

I spent most of Christmas weekend looking at vblogs that I've wanted to look through but haven't had time to. I recently discovered FusionOfCultures vblog, which I love. I'm a going to try some of her styles, they are so cute and funky.
Yesterday I attempted a style I'd seen on her channel. Since my flat twisting technique isn't that great (I've only flat twisted a few times) I wasn't expecting great results. (For those of you who don't know what flat twisting is check out this video).  But practice makes perfect, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see how it would turn out. Far from perfect, but I'm actually quite happy with the result. The nice thing about flat twist is they give you a smiliar look to cornrows but they are much faster to do. 

From the right
For this style I used Kinky Curly Curling Custard, a rat tail comb, a wide tooth comb, hair clips and bobby pins. I did this on dry second day hair. I didn't add any moisturizer since I learned from my mini twist mistake and my hair was already really well moisturized. I started out with combing through my hair and sectioning it off into three.
From the left
I basically followed the YouTube clip when it came to parting the hair. As well as when it come to twisting. But since my hair is shorter (and not transitioning) the look wasn't that great when I tried to let the twists hang. So I took my trusted bobby pins and did a french role in the back and just attached the twists in the front up. Similar to what Laila (FusionOfCultures) did in her video. I like fastning my twists like that, making little ringlets, it shows the different colors in my hair.
Should have added more sections in the back (you learn from your mistakes)
French role style in the back. 
Since this is a great protective style it could probably last a week or longer. But I don't think I did a good enough job for my flat twists to hold up more than a few days. We will see. I'll maintain the do best I can through sleeping with a silk scarf. And I'll probably use Afrocenchix Sheen as a refresher as well as their Seal on my scalp when it gets itchy.
Ready for bed
Here's the tutorial I watched: 
Make sure to visit FushonOfCultures Channel for more inspiration!

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