I Love Natural Hair, pt 2

So here is part two of the introduction of the new web shop ilovenaturalhair.com. If you haven't read part one be sure to check it out. Carriene answered a few questions for us. 

So, which products can we purchase at I Love Natural Hair?
At the moment I carry 4 brands. They are Curls, JessiCurl, Hair rules and our signature I love natural hair T-shirts.

What are your favorite products?
I actually don’t have a favorite and that’s because I like to change my products up once in a while. I do this because I believe in a method as opposed to miracle working products. Having said that, in order for the method to be effective it is important that you have excellent products.

I make it a rule to try out the brands that I sell. If I can't personally use them I have some great friends who don’t mind playing guinea pig and testing products out on their hair. I do this to make sure that the products live up to their claims. I do appreciate that not all products will be liked by everyone, but I make it my duty to make sure that the products are quality.

What is your goal with the I Love Natural Hair site? 
My goal for the website, is to increase the amount of information available, and to make it a user friendly place for curlies to find accurate information and quality products for their hair and to dispel the myths surrounding wavy, curly and afro textured hair. I want curlies to feel good on my page. I want them to know that they are beautiful and that they can make their hair work for them. That they can be proud of their kinks coils and curls

I am not trying to dominate the market. My website is here to help curlies, give them confidence and advice. I want to put the control back in the individuals hands so that they are informed when choosing products or sitting in the hairdressers seat.

Where do you ship to?
I ship to the whole of the E.U and a few countries outside of E.U such as the States.

What tips do you have for Scandinavian naturals?
For women whether in Scandinavia or elsewhere that need, or are struggling to find a good hair care regimen, I would suggest that they first write down their hair goals and decide what is it that they want to achieve with their hair. Then realistically decide how they are going to achieve them.

I recommend you tube gurus like kimmay tube, Crown OfHis Glory and bloggers and moptop maven. In the natural hair community there is a lot of information and it can be difficult for many new naturals or those with curly hair to sift through the info and find what they are looking for. Therefore at ILNH I have created a user friendly place for curlies and new naturals to build their knowledge.

I also suggest for our avid readers the book ‘the Science of Black Hair' by Audrey Sivasothy. Even though the book is targeted at mixed and Afro textured hair, I believe curlies in general can get a lot from this book. All the information in the book is scientific and can be applied to curly hair in general. And of course I recommend my website as I believe I am a good starting base for curlies to get the info they need.

You are a parent as well, what advise do you have to parents with curly haired kids? 
Yes I am blessed with a beautiful little girl of mixed parentage. I am a firm believer in that you are never too young to start a good, healthy hair regimen. In fact the younger you start the better. So of course my little one already has an understanding of how to take care of her hair.

I have a section on my site under the 'hair facts page' dedicated to kids hair, so take a look for tips, suggestions and facts if you want to know more :-)

Get your own I Love Natural Hair t-shirt at the I Love Natural Hair  shop for just 180DKK.  

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