My Do Update

I re-did my do the other day... The updo inspired by FusionofCultures. I made the parts smaller, which I like better. I actually started at the nape this time, and un-did the flat twists two at a time and made new parts. It did take some time. But now the top part is bigger, more tow strand twists. And the sides look "cleaner". So this do may take me into 2012. Or I might do some kind of twist out... we'll see how I feel. 

From the right
The front looks kinda the same
The right
Bobby pinned it up
The back
I gotta say, this is one of my new fave do's. It looks more or less the same after I sleep (the last two are taken after night two), I don't have to tweak it or re-attach it. Love it! 

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