Benjamin: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

Time for another one of my friends to answer questions about their hair. This time it's Benjamin with his curly 'fro. He does have great hair, don't you think? He gave me a head ache since he answered the questions in Swedish, so if the translation if off it's just because I'm not a translator. (And Benji if you don't like the translation, too bad, haha!)  

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural?
When I was little my mom relaxed my hair once. She regretted it a lot. Since then I haven't relaxed my hair.

Which products do you use on your hair?
I use a mixture of products. A hair dressed told me it is good to chock your hair with new products and not just use the same ones all the time. I mostly use Sunsilk and Aussie, these are my favorites. 

What's your favorite hair care product?
Aussie products are the best for my hair.

What has been the biggest challenge in having curly hair?
I have no problems with it. Something that is annoying it that it gets flat on one side when you sleep. But that's easy to fix, haha...

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
I think it's nice that there is no need to comb it and use hair spray. It's easy to care for (easier than people think). But the biggest reason is that I look better in long hair than short hair. 

What's your favorite hair do?
I like the hair style I have now. I have had a lot of different hair styles up to high school. But I've gotten stuck in the one I have now because I like it the most. People have never wanted to touch my hair as much as now, hehe...

Did you have a curly role model growing up?
My role model is strangely enough my mother, haha... But she has always cared for my hair, braided it, combed it, experimented with it (including the relaxer). Except that it has been the black America I saw on TV (sadly enough, haha)... 

What's the weirdest question you have received in regards to your curls?
The weirdest question was from a patient at work that wondered if I could cut off a little of my hair and put it on her head :) But of course it was a joke (I think)... But other then that there have been people who wonder if I twist my hair to make it curly. Or people who want to touch my hair. Or people who wonder how I wash my hair.

Thank You Benjamin! 

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