Earrings from Jewel Afrika Designs

Yesterday I got my package of earrings that I ordered from Jewel Afrika Designs. And I looooooove them! When I got the box at the post office I was surprised at the size and was thinking it's only a couple of earrings, why the big box? But them I opened it and saw that every pair of earrings was wrapped in it's own box with a nice "Thank You!" attached to them. And when you took the cover off there was a piece kente fabric, some cottony (not sure what the correct term is) style thing, and then the earrings. This is a great gift idea! The earrings range from $8-$35 and of course they ship internationally! :) I'm going back for more at a later time (a girl can't have too many earrings, right?) And there were so many more I wanted in the store... And I can't pick a favorite out of the ones I have. My friend ordered two pairs as well, and one of them I have to get as well the Unification ones! So pretty!! Can't wait to wear them in public :)

The outside of the box
So nice!

Love them!

Yes, I'll be wearing these A LOT :)

(3rd day hair if anyone is wondering)

Gotta love an Afro chick with an Afro pick 

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