"I Don't Have Time to DC!"

This is a comment I've received a few times and even said myself: "I don't have time to deep condition my hair for 30minutes or more!" Well, searching YouTube for something completely different I stumbled across this clip.

So, ladies, no more excuses! We can all DC and look cute while doing it ;)

So now you can DC all day and rinse out at night, leaving your hair soft, healthy and happy. For more wrap styles check out my post Many Ways to Wrap Your Hair. Adding a scarf on top of your DC together with the plastic bag helps the DC be more effective thanks to your body heat! So if you don't have a heating cap this is a great way to do it.

So why should you deep condition? (For those of you who need some convincing):Well, DCing is a great way to moisturize your hair. And as you know by now moisture is the key to maintain healthy happy naturally curly hair. You can make your own, buy a ready made product at the store or use a conditioner and add some oils to DC. Since winter is the time of the year when our hair its the driest a great way to retain moisture is to DC. Most people recommend once a week or at least every other week. This depends on your hair's all over health, if you are using heat on it and if the products you use daily help the hair to retain moisture.

I like to DC over night. I add my DC on wet hair at night in six sections and then put the sections in either braids or two strand twists and put och my shower cap. Ok, yeah, not a good look if you got company in your bed, but is you don't it's perfect ;) And in the morning you wake up, rinse it out and style as usual. Makes my hair suuuuper soft every time. Right now my hair is doing good and liking the products I'm using so I've switched form DC every week to every other week. But you can't DC too much (I'm just running out of my favorite DC, that's another reason why I'm on the ever other week schedule).

So grab your fav deep conditioner, some plastic bags and a scarf and get on with your day. ;)

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