30 Day Challenge: I Give Up

Okay, I have to admit it... I quit. I was really aiming for 30days with mini twists, but my hair was not having it. My hair is so soft (yes, I know some of you might hate me for writing this) and healthy it can't even hold mini twists any more. It used to be the raggedy ends of my hair that kept them from unravelling. But I have been DCing weekly and I added avo oil before I started twisting and I used the Rococochichi Whipped Shea Butter while twisting. My hair feels amazing. But it wasn't holding the twists. If you run your fingers down my hair you can't even feel where the ends are, and it's been months since I cut it. This is a total first. It's soft like well kept straight hair!

So after re-twisting here and there for a few days I called it quits. The back was worst, that's where I have the loosest curls, it kept on unravelling from one day to the next! So I admit defeat, and moved on. And honestly I was missing my curls a bit too much. :) I told you, I'd get bored, and I did.

I was maintaining the style with Afrocenchix Seal on my scalp before I wrapped it with my scarf and headed for bed. Seal worked really well against the itch so I only had to apply it once a day. (Yes, a review of this product shall come, I just want to use it some more) I used the same method as you do when you straighten you hair before rapping it. (YouYube it if you don't to know what I'm talking about)

But the great thing about this is my hair feels great! I took the twists out by first applying Rococochichi's Whipped Hair Butter to my fingers and then twisting backward until the twist comes undone enough to pull your finger through it. I don't remember which vblogger I saw doing it this way, but it makes it really easy to get them out, and fairly quick.
Another great thing is that my hair and scalp don't feel dirty or itchy! And it's been a week since I washed my hair. Usually this is about the time that I start feeling I just have to wash my hair and end up co-washing (I usually was every 7-10days). But right now my hair and scalp feel fine. I don't know how long I'll last though, 'cause I'm not loving the style. I kind of feel like Ronja Rövardotter. So we'll see how long I last before I wash. I might just rinse it to get my curls back.    
I've worn my hair out today, so they have separated more since I took these pics. More volume now. 
It actually looks quite nice in this pic.
This is when I just took them out.

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