With 2012 around the corner...

I Love New Years.
I love when a year ends, and you get to say bye to all the madness and stress from the year past and start a new exciting year with new possibilities. There is so much to look forward to in 2012, I really can't wait for it to get here.
In 2012...
...there will be more product reviews. Thanks to great and generous companies that have given me samples in 2011, I'll have more reviews to post.
...the first ever Cph Curls & Conversation will be held on February 11th. It's going to be an exciting and memorable event. We have some great companies participating. Hopefully the turnout will be great, don't miss this event if you are in Denmark or Southern Sweden!
...I'm hoping to finally get around to holding my dream course: How to care for your child's curls (Still working on the name of the course). There is a lot that needs to be done in regards to this course, but I know 2012 is the year where it will come alive.
...I'm hoping I will be ending 2012 with big hair. Elle Varner style. :) (This means I have to fight temptation of picking up the scissors and BCing) Healthy, huge hair, that's what I wish for in 2012. :)
...I hope to find more naturals in Scandinavia! Where are all the Norwegian and Finnish naturals??? I'd love to get and inside scoop on what's going on in Norway and Finland in regards to naturally curly hair.

Happy New Year!!

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