Updated Hair Regimen, pt 2

Here's part 2 of my updated hair regimen. Read part 1 here!

: I always sprits my hair with water or a water/conditioner mix (I freestyle mix my own) before applying my styler. I mostly use a gel for hold when I do styles. But since I'm constantly reviewing products I switch it us as I go.

Water rinse: Something that I started with a few weeks ago after talking to Carriene from ILNH about my scalp issues is rinsing my scalp and hair with water. I usually do this midway through, so day 4-5 post-wash. I usually wash every 7-10 days depending on when I'm off and have time to focus on my hair. This has really helped my scalp. After rinsing I apply some more leave in condidtioner.

My Marge Simpson look for bed, lol
My night time routine hasn't changed much I still use my satin bonnet,scarf or sue maesta hood most nights. What has changed is that if I'm wearing my head out during the day I sleep with it in a pineapple on top of my head, I wrap a stretched rubber band around it and then wrap it in my scarf. The next day all I have to do is sprits it with water and fluff it out.

Pineapple under the scarf
At this hair length it's all about hair care really to maintain my hair's health. I don't have a set routine when it comes to trimming, I usually trim when I think it's time. My last trim was about 6 months ago and I don't think it's time yet. I don't really experience split ends, I do find that my ends thin out a bit after a while and I do get single strand knots. I'm considering not trimming for a long time just to see how my hair reacts, I'll update you on that in the future. I do however focus on sealing my ends with an oil not only after washing and applying leave in, but daily.

I think that's it ;)

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