My Natural Hair Sheroes

We all need inspiration at times. And when I need hair inspiration I turn to these lovely ladies online who have similar curl patterns to me. (Not the same, similar! Also, keep in mind, just because someone has a similar curl pattern to yours doesn't mean you have the same hair texture and can use exactly the same products - I feel I can't stress this enough.) There are lots of people with gorgeous hair out there, but sometimes you just want to look at someone with similar hair to yours.

Elle from Quest for the Perfect Curl
I've been following Elle for... not sure between 1-2 years I'd say. She was the first natural hair blogger I found with a similar curl pattern to mine which made me go yaaaaay! And she does great reviews, I love her reviews! She has a tendancy to ramble, lol, but I think that's also one of the reasons why I like her! She does know hair, like really know hair! She's a very honest no bs type of blogger, which I like. And she replies to comments and tweets, so if you want to ask her something she'll get back to you. But don't expect her to build your hair regimen for you, she'll just send you along your way with a lot of homework ;) Elle is about a year or so ahead of me when it comes to length which I think is good, her hair keeps me focused, 'cause I can compare her previous length to my current length and look at her current length and know where I'm headed :)

Nikisha from UrbanBushBabes
I've been following the UrbanBushBabes YT channel for quite some time. I love the combination of the two ladies. :) They talk about hair, fashion and everything in between. I think Nikisha was the third curly with similar curls to mine that I saw online. She seems to have a very relaxed approach to her hair which I like. Since my hair has gotten longer I've started to sleep with my hair in a pineapple, something I learnt from Nikisha. :) If you haven't checked out UrbanBushBabes before you should now!

Shannon from Those Girls Are Wild
As some of you remember I did a Hair Crush post back in Feb dedicated to this lady. Since I've watch lots and lots of her vblog posts. She's so funny, and I love that for once she's not from the US (we need more non-US successful natural hair vbloggers. And yes I'm well aware that Shannon is not a hair blogger, she's a multitasking lady). I like watching her videos, she's a beautiful woman with a crazy sense of humor, and the faces she makes! Haha! Anyway I totally love her beautiful long curls!

Taren Guy
When I first started following Taren she had a head full of huge beautiful curls. Then last summer she chopped it all off, and now she's growing it all out again. Either way she's a beauty! She is a very successful vblogger with over 90,000 followers. She doesn't just talk hair but also a lot of other topics. She is a true NY woman, multitasking and very stylish, she loves wigs and huge earrings among other things. If you haven't heard of Taren before then it is time, you'll need a day or two to look through her vids. ;) I look at her just because she's cool, has a completely different life style than me. But I also like that she's so easy going about her hair though she does so much with it. I've learnt a lot about wigs from watching her, lol.

I hope these four ladies can offer you some inspiration as well! Enjoy!

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