Travel Kit

It's summer, and in summer most of us travel more than we do any other time of the year. I loooove to travel. Just love it, one of my favorite things to do, I'm a traveler by heart. But I hate to pack. Travelling usually involves a lot of time on a plane or a train with what I called "stale/reused air". It dries out your skin, your hair, and yes, everything. And you don't want to bring a suitcase full of hair stuff. So this is what my travel kit usually contains:

Cleanser/Shampoo - Generally I only pack this if I'm going to be gone more than five days, just to be safe that I can wash my hair if I feel the need for it. I make sure that I wash my hair toughly before I leave .But if it's a weekend trip I never bother with cleanser. I can co-wash in between washes if my hair feels like it needs a wash. 

Conditioner -  In general I like to bring my Kinky Curly Knot Today because it doubles as a rinse out and a leave in.

(Leave in conditioner - If I don't bring my trusted KCKT)

Styler - (Forgot to add this to the pic, sorry) For me styler generally consists of a gel. If I want to be safe rather than sorry I bring a gel that I know will do what I want it to do on my hair. And if I'm going to a different climate than I have at home I may pack two different gels just to be safe. 

Styling tools - I always bring my rat tail comb, my wide tooth comb, hair clips, looooots of booby pins and hair ties. I'm a very spontaneous hair styler, and style it according to mood and need to be able to go with what I feel like suits the moment and look of wherever I am travelling to.

Scarf/bonnet/sue measta hood - Ok, I'll be completely honest on this one. I don't always cover my hair when I'm travelling. It completely depends on where I'm spending the night. But if I have a cornrow or flat twisted style I always wrap my head with a scarf to prevent the style from getting frizzy.

Water Spray Bottle - I recently bought a small one that is perfect for traveling. You know water is the most important "product" for your hair! ;)

I usually pour my big bottles into small travel sized ones if I'm going away for a short period of time. I'll bring full sized products only if I'm going to be gone for two weeks or longer. I like to stick to products I love and trust for my hair when I'm not at home. But since different climates do different things to your hair it may not always work out as planned. Sometimes on vacation you just have to wrap your hair with a scarf or a bandana and get on with it (Speaking of that, I always bring one or two scarfs when I go go away incase I have a really bad hair day). It's vacation, why stress over your hair? :)

What do you put in your travel kit?

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