My Do: Curly Bangs

From the front

I have a confession: I'm an emotional hair cutter. Meaning I cut my hair when driven by emotions. So since I've committed to length this year I can't go all in. And besides I like my hair long right now a lot. But the front of my hair had been driving me crazy when my hair had been out, always falling in my eyes or becoming super frizzy due to me constantly moving it out of my eyes. So today I took my scissors and cut some hair off. Yes, quite unplanned cutting, but that's how I usually do it. (I don't promote other people doing this, it's just what I do!) So now I have bangs. Haha! It may be my biggest hair mistake this year but the good news they'll grow out. And they are easy to pin back or incorporate into an updo. And I don't have to be annoyed of hair in my eyes and face which after all was the reason of the cutting. But the look is so 80's a la Jennifer Beals (ok, maybe not as big as her bangs, haha).

Side view.

Jennifer Beals in Flashdance 

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