Tips For Choosing Products

Once you start looking into the world of natural hair/curly hair products it may feel like stepping into a jungle. It is not always easy to choose, and since our choices are limited on the ground, but unlimited online you want to spend your money on the right thing. So here are some steps for choosing products for you hair:

What are you looking for? When you start product shopping know what you are looking for, shampoo, DC, herbal rinse, color, etc. It's easy to get side tracked, so stay focused on what your hair needs! Don't by a styler when you know your hair needs moisture, buy a good DC, and so on...

Ingredients Always read the list of ingredients! Learn what is what and which ingredients are good and which ones are bad for your hair. Over time you will learn what works for you hair and what doesn't, this is easiest to figure out if you know what's in your products. The first five on the list are the ones with the most amount in the product. I have a direct link on my phone to Tightly Curly's ingredient dictionary which is very helpful.

Compare Always compare products, it may be the ingredients that differ, or the price or something else. But comparing is a great way of figuring out what you like better and what you want to buy.

Price Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Price is a very personal choice, everyone has different financial abilities and know how much they want to spend on hair care. Compare prices and make sure you aren't spending a huge amount of money on something you could get cheaper somewhere else.

Availability Some like to buy all their products on the ground and others like to order online. A good tip is to first try products that are going to be easily available to you in case you really like the products, meaning; Don't go to the US and buy a product that you have no way of ever finding in Europe unless you spend lots of money on shipping (yes, I've learnt this the hard way, haha).

Don't Settle There are plenty of good products out there, and even if your hair is really tightly curled it can become soft and frizzless, trust me! If a product doesn't give you the desired result then it may not be the product for you. Don't be scared to move on and try something else. (Also, usually it helps to try the product as instructed on the package, but if that doesn't work alter it in a way that may work better for you.) 

I hope these tips are helpful!  

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