Naturals of Sweden

I'm still thinking about my possible loc journey daily, going through pro's and con's and everything in between. Yesterday I was shopping in H&M and saw locs, beautiful locs! So I couldn't keep my lips shut! Finally someone who may have similar curl pattern to mine with locs (based this totally on skin tone, sorry, but seems I wasn't too far off, luckily). So I just had to ask: How did you start your locs? :) Louise gave me some great tips as well as the name of a local hairdresser who does locs. Thank you so much!!

Name: Louise
Favorite Hair Product: Hair Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner - it works wonders on my locs.
Funniest comment you ever received about your hair: When I wore my hair loose previous to getting locs people asked if I could comb through my hair.

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