Updated Hair Regimen, pt 1

Since my hair is growing longer and longer each day I've had to accept that I have long hair now and it needs a different kind of care than my short hair did. I got away with a lot more when I had short hair. But now my hair is longer and it needs more care, more planning, more thinking through before I do anything. Which is fine, it has just taken some time for me to understand. The days of simple co-washing and quick leave-in application are over. Right now wash day is wash day, and pretty time consuming. So I'm still trying to figure out every single detail of how to care for my hair the best way, but this is my current regimen/routine:

(Pre-Poo: This is something I never did when my hair was shorter, but I have been pre-pooing once in a while now to make washing easier. Pre-pooing is basically a way to prepare the hair for washing. When I pre-poo I use a oil or something similar to add lots of slip to my hair, I just basically drench it to be able to detangle it without causing breakage during detagling. I like to detangle in the shower with conditioner in my hair, but I've noticed when I've worn my hair out for most of the week it's so tangled I'd rather detangle before I was to make sure I can get to the scalp when I wash. I detangle in sections and then barid my hair into around 8 braids before I wash it.)

Cleansing: Cleansing is about getting the scalp clean, and since my hair has grown it's harder for me to get to my scalp, so I braid or twist my hair in 6-8 sections before I go in he shower (sometimes during taking a shower) and then apply cleanser/shampoo to my scalp. I don't worry about getting it on my hair so much, I focus on my scalp since I really want to get my scalp clean, the hair will get some of the cleanser any way.

Deep Conditioning: I started DCing weekly during fall, and then took a break and went back to once a month when spring came around. But I noticed my hair wasn't completely happy with that. So right now I DC biweekly and use a rinse out conditioner when I'm not DCing. I am however considering going back to weekly DC and taking the conditioner out of my routine. Will let you know if that happens.

T-shirt method: This is something completely new in my routine. I'd head about it, but never felt I needed it. Then Eli said she tried it and liked it a lot so I had to give it ago. I usually squeeze out access water before I get out of the shower, then I use an old tee to scrunch out water from the ends upwards to maintain the curl pattern. I usually put my hair in a bun while I dry and moistuize my body. The tee method is great because it doesn't suck out the water like a towel does and then causes frizz, it just helps to remove some of the access water so your hair is not dripping all over the bathroom. I'm actually loving this!

Leave-in conditioner: I always use leave in after wetting my hair. I used to apply it in 8 sections and was getting healthy looking hair, but it lacked the volume that I love. But then I saw this clip with Elle from QFTPC and had a light bulb moment and now I apply my leave in in 4 sections which gives it more volume and less of the wet dog look. Then I seal my ends with an oil, since the ends need some extra care and love to stay healthy. I usually scrunch in the oil to avoid messing up the curls.  

And that's it really. I always let my hair air dry out and do styles or put it in a bun when it's completely dry (the day after washing it), because otherwise it takes foooooorever to dry. I usually fluff my hair when it's almost completely dry, usually with a oil or pomade on my hair, just to create some more volume.

Styling: I always sprits my hair with water or a water/conditioner mix before applying my styler. I mostly use a gel for hold when I do styles.

Close up of my curls
Water rinse: Something that I started with a few weeks ago after talking to Carriene from ILNH about my scalp issues is rinsing my scalp and hair with water. I usually do this midway through, so day 4-5 post-wash. I usually wash every 7-10 days depending on when I'm off and have time to focus on my hair. This has really helped my scalp. After rinsing I apply some more leave in.

My night time routine hasn't changed much I still use my satin bonnet, scarf or sue measta hood most nights. What has changed is that if I'm wearing my hair out during the day I sleep with it in a pineapple on top of my head, I wrap a stretched rubber band around it and then wrap it in my scarf. The next day all I have to do is sprits it with water and fluff it out.

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Watch this space for part two!! 

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