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I received this comment on my blog post My Baby Is Turning Toddler and I wanted to write a reply on it:
"Would you give short description on how you deveoloped your blog to where it is today. and what advice would you give to new upcoming hair bloggers like yourself" 

First I want to start by saying thank you, whoever you are, for commenting! :) I was actually quite flattered by this "developed" sounds like I had a plan. I can pretend that I did, but I don't like lying, haha.

Okay, I guess the blog developed by itself, meaning over time I figured out what I wanted to write about, what I wanted to focus on and so on. I didn't really have a set plan when I started writing more than that I wanted to have a natural hair blog that could aid other people to find tips on hair care and styles while I myself am still in the learning process. And I wanted it to be accessible for parents as well, this was very important for me. I have tried to make this a place where you can find a collection of knowledge and tips on how to acquire more knowledge. That's why I post other people's vblogs and links and whatnot. Most of my hair knowledge comes from others, as well as trial and error.

I have a passion for writing (and reading) and this blog is an outlet for that. I was very shy about the blog when I first started it, I have been a "secret writer" for years. But then finally now I've come to a point where I'm not as shy about it. So if you wonder why my blog posts sometimes are so lengthy it's because I love writing, and I could do it forever. And I love hair, I could talk about it forever. So I've combined two loves. I read somewhere that to start a successful blog you have to write because you love writing, not because you want to earn money or you want to be famous, but because it's your passion. That's how I feel. I don't make any money off the blog at the moment and fame is not my thing (that's why you never really see my face in pics, its about the hair, not me). This blog has really become much more than I expected. My friends are all very proud of it, I think more proud than I am. I think I don't really see it as they see it, but their nice comments and feedback keeps me blogging (as well as page views!).

What advice would I give to upcoming hair bloggers? Wow, I'm giving advice on blogging now, who would have thought? :) I think the advice I'd give is make a blog that you'd want to read. I focus a lot on what I think is important, how I like the layout to be with pics and stuff like that, and hope that others like it too. And blog even though no one is viewing your blog 'cause even though no one is reading it right then someone may in the future.
Love this pic, this is how it feels some days.
And if you are a upcoming natural hair blogger in Scandinavia (yes, I'm starting to sound like a broken record), please send me the link to your blog. And if you want to you are more than welcome to do a guest post here on HoH! 

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