My Do: Birthday Style

After the braid out style I wore for the wedding I decided I wanted something less dramatic for my birthday. I did a style that I do a lot, in lost of variations. And this time it actually lasted me three days without me re-doing it, which was nice.
For this style I used: water spray bottle, wide tooth comb, Kinky Curly Curling Custard, two bobby pins and a rubber band during styling.

This is a really easy style that can be worn as a every day style or for a special occasion (I had this style for my friend's wedding last summer, but my hair was shorter back then). I just parted the hair the way I wanted into to sections. Used the rubber band to get the other section away, then I wet the hair a bit and gently combed through it and added some gel before I started braiding. Then I just braided (cornrow style) all the way to the end, pinned back and did the same on the other side. I used two bobby pins, one for each braid, to swirl them around each other and tuck the ends. So this is not only a cute and diverse style, it's a protective style as well.

To maintain this style all I did was wrap it with my silk scarf at night. I did spray it with my beloved Afrocenchix Sheen, but not daily.
The earrings are from Beautella's Boutique 
(UK based; ships everywhere).
I love every single pair I bought.

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