International Women's Day!

March 8th is devoted to us, officially. I think every day is devoted to us and should be devoted to us. Women are incredible. We are the givers of life, the carers, the providers, and so many more things. We all came from women. We should all be grateful for being women and for knowing women. We should support and respect one another.

My biggest source of inspiration comes from women. Women I meet everyday. Women I only know as vbloggers, tweets, or bloggers. Celebrity women and all kind of public figures. And of course, someone who will grow into and amazing woman one day; my daughter.

My friend Di sent me this poem yesterday and I have to share it with you. To celebrate you!
I'm sick of being "your exotic" as well, just want to be seen for who I am, like we all do. 
Thank you, Suheir Hammad for putting my feelings into words.


Celebrate your fellow sisters today and every day! 
Happy International Woman's Day. 

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