Product Junkie

If you are into the natural hair scene you've heard about them. They are the naturalistas that buy products like they are going out of style, they try everything and anything hunting for the perfect products for their hair. They are vbloggers, bloggers and private people searching for natural hair fixes. They are product junkies.

Now Carriene at I Love Natural Hair has been telling me I'm a product junkie and... Well I was in denial. I knew my bathroom cabinet was stacked with hair care products but it wasn't until I took them all out yesterday and counted 30+ that I could admit it. I am a product junkie.

I even started rationalizing to myself why I have so many different products. Like "Oh well some are the same product I just stacked up on it." or "Oh but that one I use on my daughter (but originally bought for myself)" and so on. Truth is all these are my hair care products. Some of them I've bought others have been given to me. But regardless they are all mine.

So after looking at all these products (and I have to add that I didn't add the ones I store in my kitchen like ACV and coconut oil etc to this table) I realized I need to stop styling according to my mood and start styling according to the products I have. And if I'm not going to use them I need to give them to someone who will. So basically you can look forward to me attempting more styles this spring. Also because I'll be starting a new job where my hair is required to be up.

And a confession I have a few more products coming my way... I ordered from Anita Grant recently. :)
Okay, now it's all out in the open. Pew, what a relief.

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