The beauty of short hair

Today Eli and I were walking in the spring (yes, I'm daring to officially call it that) sun talking after visiting My Roots, we started discussing short hair. Both Eli and I have had short hair cuts. I've BCed a few times (way before I knew about "BCing") and I love my hair short.
Short hair gives you the freedom to roll out of bed, get dressed and go. You save money when it comes to products because you need so little. And you don't have hair in your face in situation have you don't want to, all over the floor, you never have to think of what hair style to wear and... Yeah, it has benefits. ;)

But there is this relationship between short hair and women. Cutting your hair short usually is considered brave or edgy. The general perception is not that short hair is beautiful. Short hair is considered masculine and even the most feminine women don't dare to BC because the fear of looking like men. If you think about if it's kind of crazy. While I'm not a fan of people who don't understand that hair is more hair, here I will have to use their "fav sentence": It's just hair! How can short hair be what makes a woman into a man? How can the lack of hair be considered un-womanly?

Personally some of the most beautiful and amazing women I've seen have rocked short hair cuts or been completely bald. I actually saw one of my friends short hair do for the first time this week (you know who you are Miss J), previously I've only seen her in wigs. And I was so impressed and thought she was so beautiful (yes, girl, I am talking to you!). The most beautiful I've seen her. Not only does short hair bring out the beauty in a woman's face but it does something to her self-confidence. To walk around with a chopped hair do you need to carry your head high, there's no hair to hide behind. And since there is this view that short hair is for men you are actually "redefining" gender norms.

But cutting your hair off is not easy. For most of us it's an emotional process (I wrote a post: BC = Spiritual Cleanse about it ages ago). And it's not always an easy choice to let go of your long hair. There's a lot of fear involved. Fear of looking like a man, fear of not being attractive, fear of not liking it, fear of other people's reactions, lots of fear... And it's a very personal choice. Sometimes it's been thought through and considered for a long time, and sometimes it's a spur of the moment thing. Either way it's a personal choice.
I think regardless of what hair style or length you are wearing what makes you beautiful is your confidence and your personality. And if you are considering BCing and never have, in the words of Ms Eli: "Every woman should try short hair!" There's just something about short hair...

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