Hair Crush: Zandile Msutwana

The other night I watched the South African movie "White Wedding". I needed something to get my mind of things and smile, which this movie helped me to do. It's a shame we don't have more South African (I'd like to see other countries movies as well; Nollywood) movies in Sweden. It's always very focused on the US and Hollywood which gives us a one sided view of the world. I vote more African films!

Ok, sorry, got side tracked. What I wanted to write about was the actress Zandile Msutwana. First of all I love her name; Zandile. (I just have a thing for names that start with a Z). And she had a great name in the movie; Ayanda. But of course, I just got a bit distracted in the movie by her hair! I love, love, love her locs! She wore them in different updos in the movie and I was busy trying to figure out how they had created them. Also love that she wore head wraps to bed, it made the movie more real. I've hardly seen any Hollywood movies where the African-American women wrap their head for bed, even though we know most of them do to maintain their style.

Right now I'm going through a "rough patch" with my hair (I'm hating it!) and I'm trying to figure out what now. And of course, I saw Zandile's locs and was like: I want locs. But okay, yes, I know, locs are a big commitment. And I struggling with my length commitment for this year, so no, no locs right now. But, a girl can dream, right? ;)
Long beautiful locs
Love the wedding updo!

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