Hair Crush: Barbara Moleko

I just saw Barbara Moleko's new video "Gå En Tur" and though: yes, she needs to be on the blog. Barbara is Eli & Carienne's (I Love Natural Hair) friend, so I've heard her name plenty of times. She performs in Copenhagen (that's in Denmark for all you non-Scandinavians, lol) on a regular as I understand it, and based on this new video she's going places. I'm not going to pretend that I understand Danish, but the song is funky enough for me to like it. (Keep in mind I usually don't like Scandinavian music, so that's a pretty big statement coming from me) And of course, I love the hair! Love the scarf look, very popular among us naturalistas these days.

Even if you don't speak/understand Danish give this song a chance, it's good!

I don't know much about Barbra more than she's Danish/South African, and she's a singer. I know, a very well written bio, haha. What's really important is the music: 

Performing in her I Love Natural Hair tee
Looks like one of my fav do's
Great hair, girl!!
This is my first Scandinavian Curly hair crush post, yay! Hope I'll find more in the future!


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