Natural Hair in Music Videos

A few years ago there were not many music videos with natural haired women featured in them. Every woman you saw had a relaxer, weave or wig. Things are changing. I'm constantly on the look out for natural haired women in videos. Not singers, I mean the video models. In reggae videos (I don't mean dance hall) it has been more likely to see natural hair for a while. Not only with long amazing locs but with a beautiful turban or a cute TWA. Natural hair is becoming more and more mainstream, and I believe this is not a trend, this is a change in mind set.

Here are some of my fav music videos that feature natural haired women:

Rasta Love
This lady has a nice natural TWA.

If I Ever
So nice to see a natural beauty in an African artist's video.

So Fresh
Nice to see curls in a American R&B video.

Beauty Within
Who has missed this one. Still love it!

 Which are your favorite natural hair music videos?


  1. I love those videos! Check Musiq Soulchild

    1. Oh ms Eli, you got me on a Muiq trip now... I loved him back then: Ijuswannasign <3 Realy music, good music...!

  2. Anonymous10/3/12 14:42

    Love thoose! :)

    1. I know, right?! Do you have any more to suggest Helen? Thanks for the follow btw. :)


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