Review: Rococochichi Whipped Shea Hair Butter

I reviewed Rococochichi's Whipped Hand Butter months ago, and for some reason I thought I had reviewed the hair butter as well... until I looked at my list of reviews and realized I had forgotten. :( I am so sorry, Rococochichi that I haven't written this review sooner! But here it is:

Okay, for you who have read this blog before you know I love Shea Butter. Yes, love it. My skin has changed since I started using Shea butter. And Shea butter was also one of the first natural products I tried on my hair way back when I started diving into this world of natural hair care. Shea butter is great for sealing your hair, meaning it helps to lock the moisture into the hair and keeps the moisture from leaving and leaving the hair dry.

Shea butter is kind of "heavy" as a product for my hair, it weighs it down a lot. So I prefer to not use a Shea Butter product when I'm doing a wash & go, I'd rather use it when I know I'm doing a updo and need my hair to stay moisturized for some time. I have used this product by itself and under gel and it works well. I think this product would be great with someone with more hair (longer/thicker) and maybe someone with tighter curls than I have.

What's so great about Rococochichi's Shea butters are that they are whipped. They are fluffy and melt in your hands very easily which makes the application easier. The sample I got was with Rosemary, it does smell like it, but I also smell something else, eucalyptus maybe? It does smell very good.

How do I feel about this product? I really like this product. 

When will I use this product? For sealing after applying a leave-in conditioner. Or for sealing after spritzing my hair with water it it feels dry. I have also used this product similar to a pomade, to reduce frizz and get rid of crunch when I have done a wash & go with gel.  

Will I buy it again? Yes, I totally would. The only reason I haven't is because I'm trying to use up the products I have an then decide which ones I feel like I can't live without. This is defiantly one of my fav Shea butters that I have tried. (I'm not sure if it will go on my favorites list, but I think so...)

And yes, they do ship to Scandinavia (obviously). ;)

A special thanks for donating to the raffle at Cph Curls & Conversation! That was very sweet of you and I assume the winner is loving the product. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Olive and Almond oils with Rosemary essential oils.

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