"My Hair Journey" by Afroego

Imagine the joy I experienced when I found another hair blogger in Sweden, haha! Yes, to all of you in the States it probably sounds crazy... but I have been searching for hair bloggers in Scandinavia (still am!). Not only do I hope to put together a little (hopefully growing) list. But it's nice to have hair lovers close by. So when I found the Afroego blog I contacted Mammi right away, and she was sweet enough to write a feature for us. Thank you, Mammi!!  

My hair journey
I remember being young in a small cold town in Sweden, sitting by the kitchen table waiting for the treatment in my hair to kick in. That is defiantly my first hair-memory. After that I have had all kinds of experiences with my hair. It has been bone straight, curly, thin, thick, long, and short. You name it – I’ve had it. As a young girl I learnt early that a lot of time was devoted to hair. My hair was not like my friends hair. They could let it out and it would fall to their shoulders like soft silk. I would let mine out, and it would stand straight up like steel wire. I had to have my hair carefully combed and done up before playing outside. That was something my Swedish friends never seemed to have to struggle with. When swimming I had to wear a ugly cap to keep my hair from getting wet, while their hair was free to float around in the water like a stream of salmon. These early experiences made me somewhat negative to my hair and all the complicated procedures it made me go through.  As I grew older I started seeing the greatness that actually lives within our African curls. My friends started saying things like; “my hair is so flat”, “I’m so jealous of your curls” and finally, the one that stuck: “…you can do anything with your hair!”
Today, I know this to be true. The afro hair is fantastic in every way because it can do anything we want it to. There has been a lot of talk about what you should do with your hair. Some say straighten or relax it. Some say it should be natural. In some aspects there is a war between the two sides, but still there are a few brave individuals who place themselves somewhere in between these two gospels. I am one of those brave people. I’m trying to go natural but I refuse to judge and look down on those who choose not to. Because this is my journey, and only I decide where it leads to and which paths I choose on the way.
This is in large what made me start my blog, I want to write about our fantastic hair, and help to awaken Sweden to all those gorgeous black women who crave good products for their fantastic hair. Right now I’m almost completely natural – and I LOVE it!
With love / Mammi

Click here to read her blog (in Swedish) 

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