Big Hair I Love You

I have moments of weakness, just like anyone else. And in these (hair) moments I want to cut my hair off. Like BC, not even a TWA, just completely off. There's something weird that happens to me when I commit to things... like this year I committed to length and ever since then I keep on seeing pictures of gorgeous women with shaved heads and I just want to run and grab a buzzer! So to keep myself from going short I need inspiration.

I love big hair! 
I love my hair the most after a wash & go day 3 or 4 when the curls are not as defined anymore and it becomes poofy. The longer my hair gets the poofier it get. Curly hair doesn't grow down it grows out. I used to have long hair when I was younger but then I wanted it to lay down as flat as possible. Now I want it big. (The grass is always greener) Well it's getting there... slowly and surely. Two years a go when my niece was born (in Dec 2009) I had a real TWA, like 2cm length hair. So I know my hair has grown, a lot. I just have to stick with it. By the end of 2012 I'm going to be rocking big a** hair, you wait and see! :)

Of course Taren is a big hair role model even though cut it all off last year...

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