About the Product Reviews

I just wanted to write a short post about my product reviews. The products I review here on the blog, whether bought by me or given to me for free for reviews, are always based on my personal view on the product. Just because I've gotten a product for free doesn't mean that my opinion on it will be compromised. I will always give a honest review. Keep in mind that the products I've purchased and review are usually products that I have researched and think will work well on my hair. It may seem that I only give positive reviews, but this has to do with that I don't review products that I don't think I will like. And the companies I have contacted for samples to review are companies which products I am interested in, want to support and think will work on my hair. If I'm approached by a company and I don't think their products will work with my hair I will turn them down. Of course I love getting free stuff (who doesn't) but healthy hair is my priority before free stuff.

So when you see products here on the blog know that I have personal experience with them and that I won't support any companies I am not fond of.
If you have questions regarding any of the products seen on the blog feel free to send me and e-mail at hairofheritage@gmail.com

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