Silver-Straw: Having Naturally Curly Hair in Sweden

I've asked my friends to answer a little questionnaire regarding their hair experiences, just to show a part of the Swedish curly hair experience.
I'm starting out with my friend who is going to be a face and a head of hair you will be seeing once in a  while: Silver-Straw or Brian recently went from afro to locs and he has promised to let me follow his locs journey here on HoH :)  

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural?
Yes, I unfortunately have, but I had cornrows for the most of that time, and thought for some reason that it would look better if I relaxed the hair before I styled it. I cut off all that relaxed hair for about 3 years ago.

Which products do you use on your hair? 
I use Darcy's Botanicals Daily Leave-In Conditioner. And I’ve also started using their Deep Conditioning Mask that I received as a gift a few weeks back and love.

What has (if any) been the biggest challenge when having curly hair?
Finding hats that fit my fro that don’t look too big on my head : )

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair?
I'd have to say the feeling of my natural curls and the fact that I am wearing my hair as it was intended to be worn.

What's your favorite hair care product?
I haven't tried that many, but I love the products from Darcy's Botanicals that I'm currently using. 

Did you have a curly role model growing up? 
I guess if any it must be my late uncle Arthur that past on when I was really young, but one thing that I remember about him until this day is his big shining fro.

What's the weirdest questions you ever received in regards to your curls?
Does your hair get wet when you swim?

Thank You!

Check out Brian's music video to his single Life Goes On released earlier this year. It was filmed in his country of birth Uganda. His music can be found on Spotify and MediaFire were you can download his whole album  UG-Ras Sound for free. 

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