People often ask me where I get the patience to spend so much time doing my hair. Or the motivation to keep on braiding even though my fingers hurt. To be honest I'm not sure. I don't consider myself a very patient person at all. There's just something about doing my hair that makes me feel good. I guess some spend time on make up or working out or the latest fashions, I spend time on my hair.
    I don't see it so much as a vain thing as a health thing, especially lately. I want to use products that are as natural as possible. Natural is better for me and the environment. You have to remember anything you put on your hair goes on your scalp. And your skin is your largest organ. If you have healthy skin it can protect you better against toxins and so on.

Doing my hair gives me quiet time, not literally, because I usually play music when I'm doing my hair. But mentally. I feel calmer after having done my hair, it's almost therapeutic.

It doesn't have to look perfect.
So where do you find patience to do your hair? Well start out doing something simple. I didn't start doing cornrows, I started doing one french braid. And then two. And then more. If you start simple you are more likely to succeed at the hair style you are attempting. And if you succeed you are more likely to like it and want to do it again. So if you can't braid don't start by trying a complicated braided updo, start simple. Just practice braiding. Once you know how to make a nice and even braid you can trying a cornrow, and then practice, practice. The more you do it the better you technique will get. Yeah, of course you will want to give up at times. I don't know how many times I've started a hair do and then undone it half way in. That's like, it's okay to change your mind. ;)

Make sure you don't do your hair in a rush if you are not confident about the style you are pursuing. If you are doing two strand twist and can do them without looking in the mirror constantly then watch a movie when you do them, this will distract you want it won't feel like it's taking too long. If you are doing something like mini twists like I did the other day, do it with breaks in between. I started out doing the front of my hair in the evening. Then a little the next afternoon. And finished it that night. I don't have five hours straight to sit down and do my hair without breaks, most people don't. Find a way to make it work is what I'm saying.

And if you don't consider yourself a patient person then don't go choosing intricate hair styles. Keep it simple! ;)

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