HAIRPIECE Exhibit Stockholm


A few months back I saw a post in Afrotalk (on Facebook) by Andrea Davis Kronlund asking for people to photograph for her exhibit called HAIRPIECE. I found this interesting so I wrote to Andrea to find out more.

Her exhibit HAIRPIECE opens on Friday March 20th at Galleri Erik Axl Sund, Folkungagatan 103 (Renstiernasgatan) from 5-8pm. This exhibit will be up until April 25th. 

This is how Andrea herself explained the exhibit to me:
The project deals with the curiosity (still) around black hair. Images are done in a kind of historic style. I don't style people's hair. Usually it's people I know and people I've met on the street - basically styles people wear in their everyday lives. I usually shoot against a white background in black & white so that focus is on the person and the hair. Some are done in studio, also against a white background. 
It's a project I started some years ago that I'm continuing

So if you're in or around Stockholm you should catch this exhibit!

Galleri Erik Axl Sund

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