Olimata from Norwegian Naturals

Olimata is a Norwegian natural who started the Facebook group Norwegian Naturals a few years back. Let's get to know her a bit better! 

Olimta in crochet braids
Please introduce yourself! 
Olimata Jeng the founder of Norwegian Naturals. 

When did you go natural and why? 
I went natural in 2010 because I stood I the mirror one day with a box of Dark & Lovely relaxer, and I said to myself; "no more". I was fed up with not showing and knowing my own hair.

What is the biggest struggle when it comes to having natural hair/afro hair in Norway? 
The biggest struggle was that there was no platform/forum, hence the start of Norwegian Naturals. Also getting product is still very difficult. 

What is your favorite product? 
My favorite product is my own product Norwegian Naturals ButterCup. 

Tell us about Norweigan Naturals? When did it start and why? 
I started NN because there was a lack of a place to share knowledge and to meet and get to know each other. I wanted a place where I could share that coconut oil could be bought at the foreign shop for less than half the price than at the health food store.  
Natural beauty

Tell us about the meet ups! 
The meet ups have been a huge success. At the last one we made it a Swap meet as well as that I did a give away of my products both Buttercup for natural hair and Honeylocs for those with locs. Hopefully we can take it on tour soon. 

If you could give newly naturals advice, what would it be? 
Don't overspend on products. Try simple things. I always keep it simple, but when I first went natural I spent a lot of money on products only to find out that the simple is what works in the long run for my hair and for my pockets. 

What's the craziest comment you've received in regards to your hair? 
Other women of color stating that they could never go natural and that I must have good hair to be able to do what I do to my hair... I am always shocked by that. Or that people think that using texturing creme makes them naturals. 

Where can we find you online? 
Facebook. We are working on a blog. Instagram @NorwegianNaturals

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