The Effect of Hair Style

Have you ever changed your hair style, walked down the street and realize people are looking at you differently? Or that a different type of man is giving you attention?
This has been discussed plenty of times between me and my friends. It's sometimes funny, sometimes insulting. 
I decided to write down some of my experiences in Sweden - I've noticed that depending on which country I'm in the reactions also vary. 

For an example when I wear my hair in it's regular state (loose) people might smile at me in the street or stare. Men that look my way vary in race. 

When I wear my hair straight white people are generally friendlier to me and more white men look my way. Maybe not a huge surprise, straight hair is after all still the standard of beauty. 

When my hair is in a head wrap I get the occasional "Hello African Queen" by black men (mostly men with locs). I've also noticed that white men never look at me when I wear a headwrap, and I get treated differently in general. I think this may have to do with the fact that some think I'm wearing a hijab - which makes me think of how Muslim women get to deal with a lot of sh*t because they wear an hijab. 

Have you noticed that you are treated differently because of your hair style? Please share your experiences in the comment section! 

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